Is It Time To Move To Assisted Living?

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October 26, 2017

Is It Time To Move To Assisted Living?

Coming to the realization that a loved one can no longer live independently can be very difficult. It can be even harder if that loved one does not see the need for assistance, much less the need to move to an assisted living community. At a time such as this it could be helpful to consult a social worker, family doctor or personal care professional.

When people come to me for advice regarding such situations, there are a number of questions I ask, each designed to help determine the level of care their loved one may need. Ultimately, the answers to these questions can aid conversations with a loved one who needs help understanding their own need for assistance.


  • Does the home have stairs?
  • Are bathroom facilities easily accessible?
  • Where is the kitchen located in relation to the rest of the home?
  • How does the laundry and cleaning get done? Is outside assistance required?
  • What is the extent of the required home maintenance and how is it accomplished?

Health and Wellbeing Needs

  • What is your loved one’s general health status?
  • Can they walk independently or do they use a walker or other assistance?
  • How are their transportation needs met?
  • What are their medication requirements, i.e., how many medications and what is the timing of each?
  • Can your loved one manage their own medication?
  • Can your loved one bathe and dress themselves?
  • Can your loved one prepare their own meals?
  • Does your loved one remember to perform daily tasks such as these?

The answers to these questions help paint a picture of an individual’s overall health status and can aid in important conversations.

Additionally, I encourage families to understand that such a move can and should be seen as a positive transition, one filled with caring people, new friends, healthy meals, engaging activities, and most importantly, a safe environment.

If you do determine that there is a need to make this transition, this post offers ways that can help make it easier.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions.

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